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Common Texas Personal Injury Myths and Misconceptions

I Can’t Afford to Hire a Lawyer to Help Me with My Case. 

There is no need to worry about coming up with money to pay an attorney to help you with your personal injury claim. Brent J. Spinks will handle your claim on a contingency fee basis. This means you can hire your attorney with no fees being paid “up front” and that you owe no attorney fees at all unless your claim is settled or otherwise resolved. 

I Can Successfully Handle My Personal Injury Claim without The Help of An Attorney. 

Yes, you technically CAN, but is it a good idea? The answer to that question is usually “no.” Personal injury claims can be very complex and involve legal concepts and issues that the average person has no knowledge of. Brent J. Spinks will give you an honest assessment of your case and give you an opinion as to whether or not you should have legal counsel help you with your injury claim. 

I Can Try to Settle My Injury Claim Myself and Hire a Lawyer Later if I’m Not Happy with The Results. 

Yes, you technically CAN, but is it a good idea? The answer to that question is, once again, usually “no.” It is quite common for an attorney to turn down a case that he would have otherwise taken if he had been involved in the case from the start. You run the risk of doing damage to your claim both medically and legally if you attempt to handle it without an attorney. 

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My Claim Is Against My Own Insurance Company, so I Don’t Need an Attorney. 

Certain injury claims may involve seeking compensation from your own insurance company. If you are injured by a driver without auto insurance or a driver who did not carry enough auto insurance, and you have the appropriate coverage on your own auto policy this situation can arise. In such cases, may people believe that they do not need an attorney since their own insurance company can be trusted to treat them fairly. This is incorrect, your own insurance carrier will generally assert the same legal arguments and defenses against you that the at fault party’s company would have. 

I’m Driving an Older High Mileage Vehicle, so I only Need to Carry Minimal Insurance Coverage on It. 

This misconception can have serious consequences in cases where you are injured by a bad driver with no insurance coverage or not enough insurance. When buying insurance remember that you need to be thinking about protecting yourself from other drivers injuring YOU, not simply damaging your vehicle. Your old car may not be worth much, but if you are hurt your medical bills and lost wages can cost you thousands of dollars.

Personal injury attorney in Tyler, TX

If you’ve been injured, you have limited time to contact an attorney who can help you seek fair compensation. Contact Brent J. Spinks in Tyler, Texas to learn what options may be available to you after suffering injuries that could become lifelong burdens on your health and finances. Brent offers free consultations and won’t charge any fees unless he is able to settle your case.