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Medical Malpractice Attorney in Tyler, Texas

Unfortunately, Not All Medical Professionals Lookout For Your Health & Wellbeing

If you or someone you love has been injured due to the negligence of a health care professional, contact us right away. There is no fee for the initial consultation and no attorney’s fees are owed unless the case is settled or otherwise resolved.

Time is of the essence. Delay can result in the loss of critical evidence and there are time frames in which a lawsuit must be filed.

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Things to Consider if You Suspect
Surgical Malpractice:

  • Don’t be afraid to consult with a different surgeon for a second opinion. Preferably, a surgeon that is not in the same medical practice as your surgeon or perhaps even a surgeon in a different but nearby city if possible.

  • Always try to have someone with you when you are speaking with your surgeon. Two sets of ears and eyes are better than one. If appropriate, take photos and notes, and, in general, document everything whenever possible.

  • Contact my office as soon as possible. Do not delay. Your initial consultation is free of charge.

  • In the realm of surgical malpractice, some specific types of negligence seem to occur more frequently than others.

  • Many surgical errors involve causing damage to an organ that is near the organ that the surgeon is addressing. Especially in cases where the surgeon fails to address the damage.

  • Sometimes a clamp or stitch is used on a body part that shouldn’t have been interfered with.

  • Failing to remove surgical instruments or sponges after surgery is another all too common occurrence. 

  • Central line infections are highly preventable when following a “checklist” approach but still occur with alarming regularity.

If you suspect that you or a loved one has been injured by medical malpractice contact Brent J. Spinks immediately. Your initial consultation is free and all medical malpractice cases are handled on a contingency fee basis.

Medical malpractice attorney in Tyler, TX

If you’ve been injured because of the incompetence of a doctor or a loved one has suffered neglect in a nursing home, you need an attorney willing to do the right thing. Brent J. Spinks has helped clients across Texas recover from the medical ineptitude of untrustworthy professionals. Set up a free consultation with Brent to discuss your options for pursuing a medical malpractice or nursing home neglect claim.